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Haukiputaan Heitto is an All Sports Club established in 1933. It covers the following sports: Nordic Skiing, Football, Volleyball, Wrestling, Floorball, Badminton, Orienteering, Swimming, Gymnastics, Athletics. In addition, an active section, called Vierivät Kivet (the “Rolling Stones”) was recently launched by the senior members, which organizes various sport and cultural activities.


At the end of 2007, the Club had about 3200 members.


In 2006, the Finnish Sports Federation has distinguished Haukiputaan Heitto with the Wihuri Prize, also known as the “Good Club Prize” in its region.


The same year, the Skiing section got its first NuoriSuomi-sinetti, “Young Finland Seal” (High-quality sports club).


In 2007, Haukiputaan Heitto was named, "the Sport club of the year" in its region, by the Finnish Sport Federations regional organisation (PoPLi)


Haukiputaan Heitto together with four other clubs is part of the National Development Project KKI (Kunnossa Kaiken Ikää (Fit for life, a National programme, co-financed by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The purpose of the programme is to create permanent sport services targeted to adults and to encourage the over-40 age groups to engage in sports.)It will be carried out in 2007 and 2008. Under this national development project, Haukiputaan Heitto is the only Sports club that has launched its own “Kunnon Verkko” activities on the model of those created by the Suomen Kuntoliikuntaliitto (the Sport for All Finnish Association).


During its years of existence, Haukiputaan Heitto has reached two World Championships and a number of European and several Finnish Championships. During the recent years, Wrestling has been the most successful of its sections. In 2004 Haukiputaan Heitto was Finland’s best Sports Club in Wrestling.


Haukiputaan Heitto owns a Club House in Niemeläntörmä, Haukipudas. This Heiton talo (Heitto’s House), also called Osis, has been the heart of Heitto’s activities since 1970. It can also be rent for different activities, e.g. auctions, weddings and family parties, etc.



Chairman / president 

Mr Jukka Ukkola
email. jukka.ukkola(at)


Haukiputaan Heitto
Törmäntie 15
90830 Haukipudas



Le Club de Sports Haukiputaan Heitto fut fonde en 1933. Il comprend les sports suivants : Ski Nordique, Football, Volleyball, Lutte, Floorball, Badminton,  Orientation, Natation, Gymnastique, Athletisme. En outre, les membres Senior du Club ont recemment initie une section tres active, appelee Vierivät Kivet (les « Pierres Roulantes » Rolling Stones) et qui organise differentes activites sportives et culturelles.


Fin 2006 Haukiputaan Heitto a obtenu le prix Wihuri, traditionnellement attribue par la Federation Sportive de Finlande au meilleur club dans la region d’Oulu.

La meme annee, la section Ski de Haukiputaan Heitto a obtenu son premier « NuoriSuomi-Sinetti », le sceau de la meilleure equipe Junior de Finlande.


En partenariat avec 4 autres clubs, Haukiputaan Heitto fait partie du Projet National de Developpement KKI. Dans le cadre de ce projet qui sera mis en place en 2007 et 2008, Haukiputaan Heitto a initie un projet propre, « Kunnon Verkko ».


Haukiputaan Heitto est le seul club de Finlande, qui participe a cette initiative creee par la Federation Finlandaise Kuntoliikuntaliitto (Federation Nationale de Forme et de Bien-Etre).


Depuis sa creation, Haukiputaan Heitto a pris part a 2 championnats du Monde, plusieurs Championnats d’Europe et nombre de Championnats de Finlande. Au cours des dernieres annees, la section de Lutte a ete particulierement couronnee de succes. En 2004, Haukiputaan Heitto a ete sacre Meilleur club de Sport de Finlande dans cette discipline.


Haukiputaan Heitto est proprietaire de son Club House a Niemeläntörmä, Haukipudas. Cette Maison de Heitto, egalement appelee Osis, a ete le coeur des activites du Club depuis 1970. Il peut egalement etrre loue pour differentes activites telles que des encheres, des mariages, des fetes de famillem etc.



Monsieur Jukka Ukkola
email: jukka.ukkola(at)

Haukiputaan Heitto
Törmäntie 15
90830 Haukipudas
La finlande