Gymnastics division of Haukiputaan Heitto

Gymnastics division is part of Haukiputaan Heitto, an All Sports Club founded in 1933. Next to gymnastics – team gymnastics, in particular, Haukiputaan Heitto covers the following sports: Volleyball, Wrestling, Floorball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Orienteering, Swimming, and Triathlon and other experience sports. In addition, an active veteran section, called Vierivät Kivet (the Rolling Stones) organizes various sports and cultural activities. At the end of 2022, the Club had about 2000 members. During its years of existence, Haukiputaan Heitto has received several acknowledgements and honorary awards. Heitto has reached five World Championships and a number of European and several Finnish Championships.

Star Club

The Gymnastics division is part of Tähtiseura (Star Club) programme, which is a quality programme by the Finnish Olympic Committee, national sports federations and regional organisations. A Star Label indicates that the recipient acts in a modern, agile, and humane manner. The division has held the Star label for numerous years (since 2008 when it was called Nuori Suomi-sinetti), and is audited every three years (2018, 2021, and 2024). One of the main quality criteria is demonstration of continuous development and maintenance of professional skills. Accordingly, coaches and instructors receive a lot of training and are committed to high-quality activities. Following ethical norms and ensuring psychological and physical safety are at the core of the activities. 
In 2023, the gymnasics division was selected, together with swimming division of Haukiputaan Heitto, as the Start Club of the year for Children and youth.

Events and competitions

The gymnastics division is involved in organizing different events and competitions; besides cup-competitions held under the Finnish Gymnastics Federation and TUL, we also organize Stara-events and the division’s own shows, so that everyone has a chance to show what they have learned.

Activities for varied groups – How to join

The gymnastics division has an important role in the sports club. Gymnastics are offered for all age groups. However, the main focus is on children and minors. Both recreational and competitive activities are provided, and in the division materials, there are paths showing how moving across and between different groups and levels can be done. Age is one determinant, but also the skills, personal preferences, and ambitions guide the group selection. We also encourage gymnasts to proceed to coaching.

The information on the groups is provided in Finnish, but we welcome people with different backgrounds, believing in the idea that sports is a common language. Please contact the chair of the gymnastics division at voimistelu.pj(a) or the head of coaching at voimistelu.toimisto(a) to learn about the suitable groups.

The guiding principle in the gymnastics division is to operate on the terms of children and minors, but under the rules of adults. This principle aims to create a basis for an experiential hobby where children and minors can show their skills, experience moments of learning and success, make friends and develop as athletes and individuals. The role of parents is important. Besides giving encouragement, parents are involved in many practical matters, and they are invited to join the work of the gymnastics division. Please feel free to contact the chair of the gymnastics division at voimistelu.pj(a)