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In Kirppu group the main goal is to create safe and playful atmosphere in water. With instructors and friends, we try to beat the fear of water. With different kind of games, we learn diving, floating and gliding. At the same time we practise social skills and start the swimmer’s journey.


Recommended age for Kirppu is 3-6 years old, even though age doesn’t define the group, only the skills of the child matters. After all the swimming lessons instructors give the child a diploma, where we recommend the future group for the child.


Swimming lessons are held in Vesi-Jatulin Jokelantie 20 on Saturday and Sunday evenings five weekends arrow, if not told otherwise. After the roll call children go to group changing rooms, where parents help their child. Over seven years old children have to go their own genders changing room.



110,00€/10 times for non- members of Haukiputaan Heitto

95,00€/10 times for the members of Haukiputaan Heitto

Signing up for the group is binding. The cancellations must be made five days before the first lesson. Cancellations after that cost 40€.